Mistral Ltd – Reference list
The most important experience from 2000 till 2015 are the following:

Project – (Shipyard-Client) & Location       

O’Asis (M/Y 28meters)- Golden yacht (Perama GR)
O’Rion (M/Y 42meter)- Golden yacht (Perama GR)
O’Mega (M/Y 85meter)- Golden yacht (Perama GR)
Disco volante (M/Y 40m refit)-Private Owner (Perama GR)  
O’Ptasia(M/Y 52meter)-Golden yacht (Perama GR)
Allegro (M/Y 56meter)-Benetti (Livorno IT)
O’Neiro (M/Y 52 meter)- Golden yacht (Perama GR)
Bella down (M/Y 52 meter)- Arredomare (San Fernando E)
O’Rama  (M/Y 52meter)- Golden yacht (Perama GR)
Xanadu (M/Y 58 meters)- Benetti (Livorno IT)
O’Pati (M/Y 40meter)- Golden yacht (Perama GR)
Beatrix (M/Y 54meter)- CNT shipyard ( Termoli IT)
COSMO I (M/Y 50 meter )- Private Owner(Perama GR)
Lady K (M/Y 40 meter refit)- Private Owner(Perama GR)
Valerie (M/Y 85 meter refit)- Lurssen(Villanova – Spain)
Riana (M/Y 40 meter refit)- Private Owner(Perama GR)
Ledra (M/Y 50 meters refit)- Isa - (Perama GR)
Anmad (M/Y 50 meters refit)- Private Owner(Perama GR)

My Dream (M/Y 50 meters refit)- SSH Maritime(Perama GR)
My Darlings (M/Y 40 meters refit)- SSH Maritime(Perama GR)
O’ Leanna (M/Y 40 meters refit)- SSH Maritime(Perama GR)
Light Holic (M/Y 60 meters refit)CRN-SSH Maritime(Perama GR)
Le Pharaon (M/Y 65 meters refit)Feadship-Priv. Owner(PeramaGR)
O’mega (M/Y 85 meters)- Private Owner(Perama GR)
Odyssey (M/Y 40 meters)Ferretti - Private Owner(Perama GR)
Blue Angel(M/Y 40 meters)- Private Owner(Perama GR)
Summer camp (M/Y 20 meters)Ferretti - Private Owner(Perama GR)
Africa (M/Y 50 meters) Benetti - Private Owner(Perama GR)
Lady Nany (M/Y 37 meters) Azimut - Private Owner(Perama GR)
Samhan(M/Y 55 meters) Mangusta - Private Owner(Bahrain)
Odyssey (M/Y 25 meters) Ferretti  - Private Owner(Bahrain)
Aristotelis (M/Y 30 meters) Canados - Private Owner(GR)
Serenity (M/Y 70 meters) – SSH Maritime(Perama GR)
Bina (M/Y Mondo Marine) - Private Owner( Floisvos GR)